Now Shipping Sally Drive “Advanced”

The Sally Drive “Advanced” is 6 Degrees version of modded 808. Sonically it sounds just like the original classic Sally Drive (808 clone) but with all the added features, the tonal possibility is limitless.


1. Ultra effective EQ:

Original 808’s tone knob is only effective mostly on the last 10% of the taper. The new tone knob mod splits bass and treble signal and lets you blend in desired amount precisely.

2. Mid scoop/boost internal trimpot:

Too muddy on your Les Paul? The mid control trimpot removes unwanted low mid and makes your chords sound more articulated. You can of course make a bright Strat/Tele sounds fat with mid boost, too.

3. Dynamic bias internal trimpot:

Control the responsiveness to input signal (picking dynamics and guitar volume) Turn counter clockwise for more sensitivity and turn clockwise for more aggressive, edgier sound.

4. Improved output buffer:

Output buffer is the clean booster part taken from the Sally Drive Classic DC. It is more efficient and it sounds fuller and more ballsy.

5. 3 way “SHIFT” switch:

This is the best feature on the Sally Drive “Advanced”. The 3 way mid range toggle switch lets you select between stock 808 720Hz sweet spot, treble boost and low boost. Up = treble boost, centre = stock 720, down = low boost, very straight forward.

The treble boost helps you clean up unwanted bass and low mid which is perfect for driving tube amp OD. With gain lowered to half way you can play funky rhythm with absolutely no mud, even on a Les Paul.
Stock 720 gives you that SRV sweet singing mid that everyone loves. Basically the trademark tone of the classic 808
Low boost adds more bass and emphasize the OD texture. Fat and tight, perfect for power chords and riffs on lower strings.
All settings reacts differently to EQ, mid scoop/boost and dynamic bias changes, thus the limitless tonal possibilities.

Sally Drive “Advanced” is designed for advanced user who has good knowledge and experience in tone shaping. When the settings go too extreme and started to sound unpleasant, always remember to dial every knob and trimpot back to centre position to get back to classic 808 sound.


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