New Millie Fuzz Demo Video

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Top Mounted Models

6 Degrees FX is thrilled to announce the new top mounted in/out jack models. We’ve received many requests for this space saving feature as well as knob labels and fancier cosmetic. This is what we came up with – the 3rd gen top mounted models

Visit for more details.

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Sally Drive Advanced

Play a Les Paul, Tele and many other guitars and you just wish there is an easier way to dial in the right tone? Look no further. The Sally Drive Advanced gives you all the flexibilities plus an convenient “shift” toggle to quickly switch between low boost and bass cut. “Is it harmonically rich?” you my ask.  Let Mike rock the Sally Drive and you’ll soon find out!

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Le Guitarium

6 Degrees FX is thrilled to share the good news with our dear friends in France! If you live in beautiful city of love – Paris, you can now test drive 6 Degrees FX pedals @LeGuitarium your favourite local music store! Be sure to check out their Pigalle amplifiers because they have irresistibly sexy point to point circuit board, too!


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