Coming Soon – 2014 Updated Millie Fuzz

The 2014 Millie Fuzz will be available in just a couple of weeks!

Millie Fuzz is a Fuzz Face & Big Muff hybrid with 2 channels.

The CRUNCH channel is FF with a very effective EQ & buffer borrowed from BM, offering a familiar classic silicon fuzz tone (BC108) plus all the flexibility and control over EQ contour.

The BURN channel is FF stacked on an extra BM gain stage, driving it into an aggressive, edgy, textured, and saturated fuzz tone.

There are 2 internal trimpots. One controls the boost gain stage bias, the other controls the overall mid response. Millie Fuzz is a versatile and practical tool for fuzz lovers.

Stay tuned for more information (and demos)!



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